Tips on How to Emotionally Prepare for a Divorce  

According to the CDC
, there are over 800,000 divorces in the United States each year. A divorce involves many emotions, from anger to grief. The better prepared you are, the more likely you are to have an optimal outcome for yourself and your kids. If you have the right support, are fully informed of your options. and know what to expect from the process, you’ll feel more emotionally prepared to cope with divorce. From getting organized to enlisting support, these tips will help you survive and thrive emotionally during the divorce process.

Get Organized


Take control of your situation as best you can; getting organized not only helps you cope with what comes next, but it also helps your emotional outlook as well. According to Forbes magazine, women who are organized and who understand the divorce process are more likely to get through it with their emotional stability intact.
Knowing what is going on and what to expect takes away the unpredictability of the experience. It also ensures that you are able to take a proactive and productive role in your case. From your financial information to where you’ll live, taking charge can help you feel  in control. That feeling is a powerful motivator and can ensure that you stay emotionally balanced while you go through this process

Gather Your Tribe


According to divorce expert Dr. Jill Weber, PhD, having a social support system made up of family and friends is essential for those going through the process. If you are getting divorced, ask for and accept help and support from family members, friends, and even professionals. Having a support system in place can help you heal emotionally and ensures you have an outlet when you need one.
It’s easy to take the opposite approach and build a wall around yourself. Making the most of your support system and engaging socially can help contribute to a feeling of well-being.
Stay Connected (with your kids)

No matter how old your children are, they will be impacted by your divorce, even if you are able to work things out reasonably and amicably. Being tuned in and ready to help your kids keeps you feeling in control and aware of what is going on with your own family. It will also help ensure that you are doing what is right for your kids as you go through the process. Make sure that you take some time to be a family. You’ll be better prepared to handle the ups and downs that come with the divorce process.

Take Some Time to Grieve


​Even if you’ve come to the point where you are ready to divorce, there is still a grieving process associated with the end of a marriage. Whether you are sad about the way your marriage turned out or about the years you’ve invested and lost, taking the time to grieve allows you to face the process and can provide a better sense of emotional stability.
Divorce is never easy, but it doesn’t have to take a heavy toll on your well-being. Preparing in the right way can ensure that you get through the process in the best possible way and that you have all of the support you need. If you are considering a divorce, we can help you learn more about your options and ensure that you always feel on top of the situation and in control. Contact us to learn more about what to expect and to take the steps needed to protect yourself and your children as you divorce.

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